About Us

It all started a few years back, my husband and I were newly married and had just moved into our first apartment. Like most newly weds, the only thing more empty than our apartment was our bank account..

So we improvised.

We drove around town all day collecting old wooden pallets and scouring Habitat for Humanity for a set of table legs. After solid weekend of sanding, staining and splinters we had ourselves a table to kick up our feet and sip our coffee.

 When the time came to upgrade, I posted it on FB marketplace and the requests began to pour in..

Plank & Pin was born.

Our goal is to offer handcrafted and authentic wood furniture at price everyone can afford.

We use recycled wood where we can and where we can’t, we use products from the “Sustainable Forest Initiative”.

Our continuous vision for Plank & Pin is to design contemporary and modern furniture, with a refined industrial aesthetic. Our collection of furniture and interior products are designed and made in our Peterborough based workshop.

Thank you to all our customers for your continuing support and encouragement.


~Ivi Rodin